EASVO (European Association of State Veterinary Officers) is an European umbrella group of national organisations representing Veterinary Officers/Inspectors and Official Veterinarians.
Currently EASVO represents 18 member organisations and has one observer member.

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Thu, 28 Sep 2023

EASVO celebrates World Rabies Day 2023: All for one, One Health for all

EASVO celebrates and supports unanimously WOAHs World Rabies Day as the biggest event on the global rabies calendar,...

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Thu, 14 Sep 2023

EASVO supports ban the use of cat breeds with extreme conformation

EASVO supports the FECAVA, FVE, UEVP and iCatCare urge towards advertisers to ban the use of cat breeds with extreme...

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Thu, 06 Jul 2023

EASVO celebrates World Zoonoses Day 2023!

"One World, One Health: Prevent Zoonoses, Stop the Spread”   On World Zoonoses Day 2023, EASVO fully supports...

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