It’s World Veterinary Day and today, we celebrate efforts from veterinarians, veterinary associations and others to advocate for fairness and equity. Removing barriers and improving inclusiveness through diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices, in a diverse world, needs a special focus. The well-being of all veterinarians is enhanced when diversity, equity and inclusion is promoted and applied.

Therefore, EASVO proudly draws attention to the activities of President Jane Clark, on equity, equality and the veterinary profession and shares her blog on equity, equality and veterinary services on International Women’s Day.

In addition, her contributions to the FVE ‘United in Diversity’ campaign in April 2023 (HERE) and to the joint  FVE & Zoetis joint in December 2022 (HERE) demonstrate her dedication to mental well-being, diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the veterinary profession.

EASVO wishes you a very happy World Veterinary Day!