It’s One Health Day, and EASVO joins the celebration for the eighth time this year. It’s critical that we take the time to appreciate the benefits of a One Health approach, which focuses on the connections between these fields in order to deliver more effective, coordinated solutions, as the world faces increasingly complex and interwoven challenges affecting people, animals, plants, and the environment.

In 2023, EASVO actively engaged with WVAs global initiative  “Veterinary is a health profession” and WOAH Sub-Regional Representative in Brussels on the General Session including new and amended standards and the four themed HPAI session in the Animal Health Forum – a true One Health challenge!

During the coming year, the emphasis on One Health will only grow stronger to effectively foresee, prepare for, and respond to the various risks that confront our communities and the fast-changing global community. The Quadripartite (FAO, UNEP, WHO and WOAH), with contributions from the One Health High Level Expert Panel, developed this One Health Joint Plan of Action (2022–2026). EASVO keeps up passionately its work and advocacy to ensure and protect animal health, animal welfare and public health.