EASVO is delighted to join FVE in promoting our new DiversityEquity and Inclusiveness (DEI) campaign and share the message below from Mette Uldahl, one of our FVE Vice-Presidents

Mette said:

“I am truly happy to take part in the Federation of European Veterinarians campaign for Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (DEI) in the veterinary profession.

Right now, there is a call for contributions for the campaign. All veterinarians and veterinary associations across Europe can contribute with their comments and view on DEI.

Members are asked to answer three questions:

  1. What is your name, and what is your job within the veterinary profession?
  2. How does the issue of Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness concern or affect you?
  3. What do you believe, we could do to improve in the veterinary community to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness?

Associations are asked to share their knowledge, perspective and resources in the area of DEI

The campaign covers socio-economic, race, gender, sexuality, chronic illness/pain/disability, geographical location, non-native speakers etc.

The aim is for all varieties of vets to influence and feel included in our shared community

Contributions can be written statements or videos. Find the instruction and more info by clicking the links:



Your input is important for the future development of the veterinary profession!”

Please do join Mette and our whole veterinary community in contributing to this important initiative!