In 2024, the Joint EAZWV/EAZA Legislation Working Group, in collaboration with EASVO and FVE, produced the EU ANIMAL HEALTH LAW AND CONFINED ESTABLISHMENTS – A Guidance Handbook to AHL Implementation in Zoos. Initially meant to be a chapter of the Transmissible Diseases Handbook, this project has grown to become an authoritative guidance that will serve the veterinarians and zoo professionals in charge of animal health, as well as the veterinarians responsible for AHL implementation.

This handbook is available in three forms:
  • As individual PDF sections (in Chapter 2) in the database below. These PDF sections will be updated as required and make up the updated handbook, with the latest additions, corrections and enhancements.
  • As a single PDF, downloadable here.
  • As a print-on-demand book, which you can purchase at cost on the BoD Online Bookshop starting on 1 April 2024!