Today is World Zoonoses Day – celebrating and recognising the achievements of Louis Pasteur in administering the first rabies vaccination on 6 July 1885.

We estimate that 75 percent of new or emerging diseases originate in animals, and more than 60 percent of known infectious diseases in people are transmitted from animals.

This year, as we continue to face the disruption of Covid-19 on the world, we are particularly aware of the tragic consequences and huge impacts of some zoonotic diseases.

So, in EASVO, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight the ongoing importance of the veterinary profession’s involvement in addressing zoonotic diseases.

Veterinarians are key participants in delivering One Health initiatives, which encourage the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines on the local, national and global level to achieve optimal health for people, animals and our environment.

Last year saw the publication of the the FAO-OIE-WHO (Tripartite) zoonoses guide, “Taking A Multisectoral, One Health Approach: A Tripartite Guide to Addressing Zoonotic Diseases in Countries” – you can read the guide here.